About Us

I've been natural since my mid teens but finding products that worked well on my hair was always a major struggle. I'd tried products that were available in retailers (Pick n Pay, Dischem, Clicks, etc.) which were mostly petrolatum or mineral oil based. As a result of literally using Vaseline and baby oil, my hair was dry and unmanageable. This problem was exacerbated by constant blow drying in an attempt to reduce the tangling by keeping it straight. It broke constantly and became extremely thin and damaged.

Following years of bad hair care practices, I finally discovered the natural hair community and began learning how to care for my hair. I experimented with DIY lotions and potions and in what seemed like no time at all my hair was flourishing. As I got older and life took over it became more and more difficult to find the time to make my concoctions, I wished for the convenience and easy access of ready-made long lasting, quality products. After exploring what was available and some intensive search I gained an understanding of the chemistry involved in formulating hair care products for hair like mine.

After years of experimentation I am proud to have created beautifully presented products that work wonderfully..


How it all began...

I grew up in Alexandra, in Jo'burg, every 6-8 weeks like clockwork my mother would drag my sister and I kicking and screaming to a salon on 16th Ave to get our hair relaxed. We both have course 4C hair and with primary school coming to an end it was decided that we'd outgrown Mologo (plaiting hair with wool).  The combination of extremely sensitive scalp and course, thick hair spelled disaster with each visit. Every time without fail I would end with multiple burns all over my head. I'd then spend the next few weeks slowly lifting hair that was glued to my scalp from 2nd degree burns and just as these were healing; it would be time to go for a touch up.

At 13years old I decided enough was enough and I vowed to never set foot in another salon.  From that point on I attempted to take care of my own hair.  Through my teens I worked with what limited information that was available to me.  I went through the phase that many teenage girls go through where I dyed my hair every colour in the rainbow.


The final blow came when I was fifteen, Honey Blonde was trending and I was keen to join the blonde brigade. I bleached my hair twice in one day while chasing my desired shade. Needless to say my hair fell out in with impressive speed, and thus began my natural hair journey