Keramour Naturals


Keramour Naturals is a proudly South African natural hair care company. Our goal is to create high quality products designed specifically for African women with a passion for their hair. With our range of products, we make having luxuriously healthy hair a goal that is attainable for all who reach for it. Our products are formulated with only the finest natural ingredients including a range of oils, butters, botanical Extracts and Natural Performance Ingredients. We have made it our duty to bring convenience and satisfaction to the local natural hair community.

With the Keramour Naturals product range you can:
~ Stave off damage
~ Hydrate thirsty kinks and curls
~ Restore health and vitality to your tresses.

Our products will integrate seamlessly into an existing hair care regimen, leaving your hair nourished and looking amazing.
With Keramour Naturals hair care products, healthy hair is more than just shine,it's genuine nourishment and care.

Our products are:
~ Paraben free
~ Silicone free
~ Mineral oil free
~ Petrolatum free
~ Cruelty free